Provide convenient in transporting goods at the same time water proofing for carrying liquid items.

Handing out branded die cut bags is one of the most affordable and effective methods of raising awareness for your brand. They’re the perfect accessory for retail stores, industry events and trade expos. Advanced quality die cut handle bags help provide profound protection against rips, tears and punctures, which makes them stronger and more durable.

Garbage bags are petroleum-based products that are preferred because of their strength and tear resistance. Plastic garbage bags are fairly lightweight and are particularly useful for messy or wet rubbish, as is commonly the case with food waste, and are also useful for wrapping up garbage to minimize odour. Plastic bags are often used for lining litter or waste containers or bins.

We adopted Full Automation in producing straw without manual handling, this increase the hygienic of products, improve efficiency and reduce in manpower.

To fulfil premium F&B brand owners’ needs, we designed, developed and mastered individual straw wrapping techniques with inline label printing successfully.

Only pure virgin food grade material with FDA ( 21 CFR 177.1520 ) compliance in used for every plastic straw. Besides, all printing ink on paper wrapping are using food grade certified ink.

Benefits of Straw

Straws can help protect against cavities
Straws can be great for those who suffer from tooth sensitivity because they allow cold and hot liquids to pass by the teeth without contact.

Straws can help those who need them
Certain disabilities can create barriers for completing everyday tasks, such as drinking a glass of water. Straws can help make that a more accessible task.

Auto Packing
Auto Packing
Economical Packing
Economical Packing
Wrapped Straw
Wrapped Straw

Plastic cutlery is often used as a low-cost, convenient option for business or personal use. These utensils are lightweight, easy to transport, and can be disposed of instead of cleaned and reused. Plastic cutlery is typically used by food service businesses and individuals to cut costs. Plastics are used because the material is lightweight and holds the temperature of hot/cold food and beverages.

  • With a depth of 0.43 inches, these spoons can hold more liquid than normal disposable spoons. Scoop, drink and eat better . 
  • Great for all occasions, including barbeques, lunch on-the-go, parties, take-out, potlucks, catering and more! 
  • 100% Food-Grade and made from BPA-free plastic.
Plastic Spoon
Plastic Spoon
Plastic Spoon
Plastic Spoon
Plastic Spoon
Plastic Spoon
Plastic Spoon
Plastic Spoon

From 2000, CPE Gloves has appeared on the market, mainly for Japanese food market, because it is thicker and much stronger than PE Gloves, very fit for food factories, that workers need to wear them whole day or half days.

Disposable Plastic Gloves are made of high-quality Polyethylene material. Strong and made to handle any situation, you’ll be in the utmost safety and comfort with a pair of these. Our plastic gloves features :


Food packaging serves several important functions in our modern lives, which are the primary reasons we rely on it:

  • Protection: protects vulnerable products from damage whilst in transit and from contamination or damage by moisture, humidity, gases, microorganisms, insects and light.
  • Preservation: preserves products for longer, which reduces waste by giving people more time to use or consume them before it is no longer suitable to do so.
  • Prevents waste: products kept together and spillages avoided.
  • Transportation: Allows transport over great distances, so that we have access to a wide variety of non-local produce that, in turn, encourages trade. It also saves space through stacking objects which make transporting more efficient.

We provide 3 types of plastic food packaging to suit different usage :




Various sizes available with the option of holes or without holes :
  1. Width 4 to 24 inch
  2. Length 6 to 42 inch

Proper Plastic Packaging Do Help in Reducing Food Waste :
Comparison Between Plastic Packaging VS Without Plastic Packaging


Industrial packaging is used to protect, ship and store a wide range of goods. Typically, industrial packaging is used at the production site, right after production, although it can be used at any point in the supply chain. This type of packaging is usually used on products that are sensitive and rely heavily on stability or that are hazardous or that are bulky or products that have components that are sensitive to each other.

It is often used by the automotive industry, technology industry, machinery manufacturers, highly sensitive equipment manufactures and others that need to protect their products from everything from moisture to vibrations.

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