As the name implies, corn starch compostable are made from corn starch. the starch is converted into a polymer, the main ingredient in materials that have a plastic-like feel. The plastics can be clear or opaque, soft or hard. A kind of acid called polylactic acid (PLA) is made from the corn starch. This is why corn starch biocompostables are sometimes called PLA plastics.


Individual single-piece transparent or corn film wrapped to meet the different consumer groups demands.

Individual single color or multi color packaging in retail box pack.

100% plant-based renewable resources (Com Starch). Also known as PLA (polylactic acid).

Customized Size
Our range starts from 5.5mm up to our 12mm straw-perfect for slurping smoothies or bubble tea.

Certified Standard
SIRIM, Din-Cert BPI, OK Compost, KWP, Compostable

Our straw features: Use plant-based renewable materials, Compostable, Ecofriendly, Reduce carbon footprint, suitable for cold and hot drinks.


Biobags help to collect more biowaste, which can be turned into valuable compost or into biogas. It can go in your green organics bin or your household compost. Compostable bags are also a good option for yard waste, whether they are destined for the compost bin or curbside pick up.

A biodegradable material is not necessarily compostable. A compostable material is always biodegradable.

Our Compostable trash bags are truly compostable. Now we’re bettering it by making resin that is more sustainable, compostable, and eco-friendly. Together, we can lessen the environmental impact of products we love and use every day.

PMI proudly introduces new Compostable Gloves. PMI offer a solution to help meet zero waste and sustainability goals by delivering foodservice gloves that are made of material that composts in a commercial composting facility.PMI Compostable Gloves provide a new way to care for the environment while securing food safety.

Features & Benefits

  • Loose-fit design for easy-on easy-off use
  • Made of material that degrades in a commercial composting facility
  • Compost to reduce landfill waste and methane emissions
  • Durable and comfortable material
  • Can help reduce landfill disposal fees through composting programs
Compostable Glove
Compostable Glove

Compostable utensils are ones that are made of natural materials, such as cornstarch or potato starch. They are still a type of plastic, but because they are made from natural materials that are found in agriculture, they are known as bioplastics. These types of plastics decompose much more readily than traditional plastics that are derived from petroleum. Therefore, they are considered to be more eco-friendly than traditional plastics.

One of the business industries in which compostable products can be used the most is in the food industry. Both dine-in and takeout restaurants have the opportunity to incorporate eco-friendly products into their operations in the form of plates and cutlery.

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